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You cannot get everything abroad

  • BOOKING TERMS. Read the booking terms and conditions carefully. Ask questions if you don't understand something it may be to late once you have booked to make changes.
  • PASSPORT. Make sure your Passport is valid for six months at the return date of your holiday.
  • ID. Take extra identification apart from your passport preferably with photo.
  • VISAS. Check if you need entry visas.
  • VACCINATIONS. Be advised by your GP or ask MASTA (medical advisory service for travellers abroad) Tel: 09068 224100 calls are charged at 60p per min at all times. Or log on to
  • INOCULATIONS. Check what's needed at least six weeks before departure. Check for vaccination advice about your destination. Or ask your GP.
  • PREGNANCY. It is advisable to check with your GP before undertaking a flight whilst pregnant. If you are more than 28 weeks pregnant at the time of your return the airline will require a certificate to say you are fit to fly. If you are more than 34 weeks at the time of your return the airline may refuse to allow you to fly. Please check your insurance policy for restrictions which may apply if you travel whilst pregnant.
  • NAMES. If you have recently married make sure you book in the name on your passport
  • SPECIAL NEEDS. Notify the airline and your accommodation if you have any special needs.( At some airports there is a long walk to the departure lounge let the airline know if you need transport).
  • PRE BOOK. GETTING TO THE AIRPORT. Allow plenty of time for your journey to the air port, including time to reach the departure gate. Details of your flight are shown on your ticket,
  • PRE BOOK. TAXIS. Book in plenty of time, for a return taxi you will need flight details.
  • PRE BOOK. DRIVING YOURSELF. Arrange airport parking in advance and keep the parking ticket in a safe place for your return. It is advisable to pre book car hire or taxi transfers for your detonation airport to the resort/hotel in plenty of time they will ask for your flight details.
  • FORM E111. FORM E111 is a document which entitles the holder to free or reduced cost emergency medical treatment anywhere in the European economic area or EEA just present the form to the hospital or doctor treating you or a member of your family. It entitles you to the same treatment as a resident of the country your visiting. It is not a substitute for comprehensive travel insurance. You are eligible to use Form E111 if you reside in the UK. Or are a national of the UK. Or a national of any EEA country. Or a stateless person or refugee. Form E111 will cover you, your spouse and dependent children up to the age of sixteen, or nineteen if they are still in full time education. It also covers unmarried partners with children.
  • WHERE TO GET Form E111. Ask for a 'Health Advice for Travellers' booklet which is available at any main Post Office. Complete the details on the application form and the E111 form and get the forms signed and stamped at the Post Office. Or you can call 0800 555777 for a copy, it also details all the countries which are covered by the E111 scheme. Your Form E111 is valid for as long as you remain a UK resident. If you use it to claim for treatment and it isn't returned, or if you lose it you must reapply for a new one. Only state-provided emergency treatment is provided. As a general rule you will not be covered for private treatment. Keep a photocopy of your E111 with the original, some countries will keep the photocopy if you receive treatment, others may keep the original. The leaflet, 'Health Advice for Travellers', is available from main Post Office branches.
  • INJURY WHILST ON HOLIDAY. If you suffer an injury or are unwell on holiday, requiring a doctor or hospitalisation you will also need a Fitness to Fly Certificate issued by the attending doctor, before the airlines will allow you to fly. You must also obtain clearance from you insurance company, and the airline must receive notification prior to your being allowed to fly.
  • DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS. The risk is very low, but there are things you can do to help avoid the problem. Periodic walking about where possible, exercising of the feet, legs and arms this can be done while sitting, wearing support stockings, stretching and drinking plenty of non alcoholic fluids. Those most at risk are smokers, people with a history of thrombosis, if you are taking oral contraceptives, have recently been discharged from hospital, are pregnant, obesity or if you have congestive heart failure or a malignant disease.
  • WHEELCHAIRS. Users should check with the airline before travelling there are rules about the type of battery used in different wheelchairs.
  • COMPRESSED GAS. For medical use including small oxygen cylinders may be carried by prior arrangement. Some gas operated hair dryers are allowed but not refills. Only surgically implanted pace makers are allowed.
  • CAUTION. KNIVES, CUTLERY, HYPODERMICS NEEDLES, DARTS, RAZOR BLADES, TWEEZERS, CATAPULTS, SCISSORS, KNITTING NEEDLES, TOOLS, TOY/REPLICA GUNS, SPORTING BATS AND BILLIARD/SNOOKER CUES should be in your checked in baggage for the hold, if found in hand/cabin luggage you may be liable to prosecution.
  • HOLIDAY INSURANCE. It is important to have holiday insurance, some airlines and travel agencies will not allow you to book with them without insurance. Make sure you have the appropriate type of insurance for the holiday you are planning. Make a note of all help numbers i.e. booking agents, car hire and flight company etc.
  • HAND LUGGAGE. The allowance is one small piece per person no larger than 45 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm.
  • GOLF CLUBS, SURF BOARDS. It is recommended that you pre book things like golf clubs, surf boards or other sporting equipment, a charge will be levied.
  • BEWARE. Never agree to take on board any parcels or luggage for someone else, you will be deemed responsible for it's contents.
  • FREE LUGGAGE ALLOWANCE. Allowance per person approximately 15 kg or 20 kg.
  • EXCESS BAGGAGE. Will only be carried when there is sufficient space to do so, and is subject to an additional charge.
  • ITEMS THAT MUST BE CHECKED IN. Batteries, lighter fuel, lighters and refills and are strictly forbidden and must be packed in luggage for the hold, Aviation law requires passengers to carry lighters and or matches on there person, there is usually a limit of one per person.
  • NEXT OF KIN. Keep details of next of kin in your passport.
  • PASSPORTS. Leave a photocopy of passport, insurance and contact number with someone at home and take a copy with you, keep separate in the event of loss or damage of the original.
  • MEDICATION. Personal medication make sure you take enough for the duration of your holiday. Prescription medication take a copy of your prescription with a doctors letter.
  • ITINERARY. Take your holiday Itinerary, address of accommodation and directions.
  • CREDIT CARDS. Check the expiry dates and make a note of the numbers and keep separately.
  • TRAVELLERS CHEQUES. Keep a note of the numbers take contact details in case of loss or damage.
  • DRIVERS LICENCE. Take your full divers license some countries do not accept the photo card type and want to see the original paper document.
  • RETIRED. If you are retired and plan to stay more than 3 months contact the Benefits Agency, they can arrange for you to collect your pension while your away.
  • BABIES. Travelling with a baby make sure you have enough of the correct food stuffs. Not all airlines supply baby food.
  • REMEMBER. Take a watch, alarm clock, spectacles, contact lenses and solution, writing materials, camera and film, sunglasses with UV protection and adapter for electric shavers. large beach bag, beach towels, swim wear, T-shirts, sun cream, after sun and sun hat. Shampoo, shower gel, tooth brush, cosmetics, hair brush, hairdryer, tissues and comb etc. Books, personal stereo.
  • KEYS. Don't forget your house keys.
  • LOCK UP. Lock all doors and windows including garage and sheds, and cancel the papers, milk etc.
  • WINTER WEATHER. If it's winter set the central heating to come on for an hour morning and evening, this will prevent pipes freezing.
  • NEIGHBOURS. Ask someone to remove free papers and letters if protruding from letter box. Keep the TV or video out of sight. (partly draw the curtains). Leave a low light on or use a light timer switch. Leave a contact phone number and the address where you are staying with a friend if possible.
  • POLICE. You can notify the local police that you are away. PETS. Don't forget to make arrangements for your much loved pets at home. DURING THE JOURNEY. CHILDREN. Travelling with children keep a few nibbles handy plus something to drink. Be extra vigilant children are naturally curious, never leave them unattended.
  • FIRST AID. Medicine. Don't forget simple medicines for tummy upsets, plasters, antiseptic cream, insect repellent, allergy tablets, headache tablets etc. it can save a lot of hassle on arrival in a strange place.
  • MONEY. Make sure you have some money to cover emergencies, i.e. to buy food and drink in the event of delays.
  • VALUABLES. Always keep valuables like passports, credit cards, travellers cheques, medication, jewellery and money in your hand luggage and keep with you at all times.
  • FOREIGN CURRENCY. If possible have some currency for the country you are visiting on arrival in case of emergencies.
  • LUGGAGE. Make sure it is in good condition and locked, close fasteners on hand baggage especially back packs, make it hard for pick pockets. Label luggage clearly put a coloured marker i.e. ribbon onto suit cases for easy recognition.
  • PACKING. Pack some of each of the families clothes into each suit case, if one case gets lost you will all have something to ware.
  • DON'T DO'S. Never leave luggage with someone you don't know, even for a minute or leave your luggage unattended. Never carry parcels or luggage through customs for other people you will be deemed responsible for it's contents.
  • SHARPS. Sharp objects must go into the cargo hold, not hand luggage if found you can be prosecuted.
  • MOBILES. Top up before you go. Check they work in the country you are going to, if not get a new sim. Switch off mobile phones, radios, personal stereos and electronic games during the flight.