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Green Christmas


Yes, the holidays draw out the best in most of us each year. But they also bring what seems like an environmentalist's worst nightmare: tons of extra garbage, millions of chopped-down trees, and megawatts of flashing lights. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's day, Americans throw away a million extra tons [900,000 metric tons] of garbage each week, including holiday wrapping and packaging.



New Solar Telescope Would Focus on Sunspots, Storms


A proposed telescope may change that. Known as the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope (ATST), the new instrument would "offer an unprecedented view of the sun," said Aimee Norton, a solar physicist with the High Altitude Observatory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.



NASA Readies "Deep Impact" Craft for Comet Smash


Scientists said the launch of NASA's Deep Impact mission has been delayed until at least January 12. The mission's goal is to smash a spacecraft into a comet on July 4, 2005.



One of the most important festivity for peruvians is actually Noche Buena, which literally means "Good Night" in Spanish. Thatís the 24th at night. Late in the evening all of the family gets together to celebrate Christmas. This is really what many of us refer it as Christmas for children. Most houses will cook a whole turkey, or at least those who can afford it. Applesauce is also a must at the supper.


 If you are invited to spend Christmas in a Peruvian house, donít show up with empty-handed. A good idea is to bring a paneton (fruit cake). Kids will find gifts under the tree supposedly brought by Santa Claus. Now that's something that reflects the impact of the American culture in Peru. This long-bearded guy still dresses with the same large red jacket. Well, that is something appropriate to wear in the North Pole (or in the US in winter), but wearing that heavy jacket is actually nonsense in Lima. That's because our summer actually begins in December.


Fireworks are banned in Peru. However, Peruvians donít really care about that. Most parents will buy fireworks anyway. They will light them by midnight. Itís like a big 4th of July celebration, except that itís much more fun to handle the fire works yourself than seeing them only in the sky!


A good while after midnight, children are supposed to go to bed. This is when Christmas for the grown ups begins. Many families will have big parties in their own houses. A living and dinning room will typically become the dance floor. Peruvians like to dance very much. A good salsa song is always welcome. However, many men prefer to just sit and drink a few beers. Dancing is actually an excellent opportunity to get to know other people.


These house parties may last until 5:00 AM or even 6:00 AM. Thatís why most people would wake up very late on the 25th. Nothing really happens on the 25th. However, late at night most people will still try to attend one of these parties.

Most Peruvians are very nice folks. So donít be surprised if you are invited to somebody elseís house to spend Christmas even if you donít know that person very well. Again, itís a good idea to show up at least with a "paneton." Some hard liquor or wine will also work.


We hope you have a °Feliz Navidad y un Prospero AŮo Nuevo!

Peru Bird-Watching Takes Flight With 1,800 Species


Eco-lodges are sprouting under the forest canopy, guidebooks are rolling off the presses, and Peruvians are eager to showcase their country as a bird-watcher's paradise.


That is the message trilled by John O'Neill, an ornithologist at Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, who has visited the country to study birds almost every year since 1961.

"It's a country that still has major areas totally unknown biologically," he said. "There have been more than 50 species of bird discovered and described in the last 50 years."

Miss Peru crowned Miss World 2004


December 4th - Sanya China: Miss Peru, Maria Julia Mantilla, 20, wearing a turquoise gown, was crowned Miss World 2004

A total of 107 women from around the world competed for the crown in this beach resort on Hainan Island in the South China Sea.


The title carries a US$100,000 (euro75,000) prize.


The winner was selected by pageant viewers voting by Internet, phone and mobile phone text message.


This was the second straight year the London-based Miss World pageant has been held in Sanya.


Organizers announced that the event would be held in Sanya again next year.

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