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Call 0871 6661 747 to book 9am to 9pm daily
Call 0871 6661 747 to book 9am to 9pm daily


Scotland has as its capital the handsome city of Edinburgh with its brooding Castle Rock, while Glasgow's magnificent city chambers and Charles Rennie Mackingtosh's school of Art rank as some of the worlds finest buildings.

Golfers have Scotland to thank for this popular sport with courses such as St Andrews on the east coast or the renown golf academy on the Ayrshire coast looking towards the Isles of Arran and the Mull of Kintyre. Scotland's heather clad moors serene lochs and magnificent mountains also has some of the wildest uninhabited regions in Europe.

Orkney for lovers of wild life, this island will amaze, from Puffins, Gillimots, Razorbills and seals in their natural habitats.

For history the remains of the stone age village at Skara Brae, scuber divers head for Scapa Flow; fishermen for the Lochs, hiker's the moors and hilly landscape.

Herring, shellfish and salmon are specialities accompanied with local beer or whisky.

Most memorable perhaps are the changing seasons during May, June and July the island is in almost continuous day light and in autumn and winter, the Northern lights illuminate the sky.

The Shetland archipelago of 100 islands offers a holiday like no other, wildlife out numbers the population many times over, a haven for migratory birds, gannets guillemots and puffins flock in their thousands, take a boat trip to spot seals, otters, porpoises, dolphins, porbeagle sharks and even killer whales.

Only 15 of the islands are inhabited and nowhere is further than 3 miles from the sea. there is a wealth of outdoor activities and archaeological sites ranging from Neolithic, Iron Age and Viking.

The islands are rich in traditional crafts, delicious sea food, music and folk dancing, where summer days never end and autumn heralds the Aurora Borealis sunsets.